Stop Procrastination, Start your side hustle!

In today's world, many juggle full-time jobs and side hustles, driven by the need for extra income or as a safety net. Starting a business might seem daunting, but it's within your reach. No excuses, no procrastination! Take action: 1. Share your idea with a friend for accountability and partnership. 2. Join entrepreneurial groups on social media to find like-minded, motivated individuals. 3. Set a clear timeline for your goal and remind yourself daily. 4. Educate yourself continuously about your side hustle. 5. Find a successful mentor who can guide and connect you. 6. Take the leap and start; don't quit when challenges arise. Remember, the universe conspires to help you achieve what you want. Good luck!

I am reading my 14th book since this year commenced

Julie Musoke Nakyeyune is a remarkable individual who juggles multiple roles with remarkable dedication. She's not just a full-time contracted service level manager at MTN Uganda; she's also the driving force behind Mkazipreneur, a social enterprise connecting women entrepreneurs in Africa. Julie manages three businesses under MStran Group, dealing in liquid soap, hand wash, and dog shampoo, in addition to running a wines and spirits shop and providing consultancy services in data analysis. Her packed schedule includes Rotaract leadership responsibilities and mentoring women in business. Julie's weekends are equally busy, with laundry, side business activities, and church. Her unwavering commitment to self-improvement and community impact shines through her daily routine.

‘Mkazipreneur’ Workshop Inspires Women Entrepreneurs

Mkazipreneur, a thriving community platform dedicated to advancing women's entrepreneurship, recently organized a transformative workshop. Themed 'How to Stand Out in Your Career and Business,' the event featured esteemed guest speakers Manuela Pacutho, a social entrepreneur, and corporate executive Florence Nsubuga. Their insights empowered attendees to navigate the path to successful businesses and careers. This gathering served as an invaluable opportunity for participants to showcase their products, network, and enhance their knowledge. Notable exhibitors included Good Ugandans, a fabric company, and Cake Nation. The event unfolded at the American Center, Embassy Plaza in Nsambya, affirming Mkazipreneur's commitment to empowering and celebrating women entrepreneurs across Africa, as envisioned by its founder, Immaculate Julie Musoke Nakyeyune.

Good Habits: It is that time of the year!

As the year draws to a close, we all make promises for a fresh start on January 1st. Personally, I've vowed to drink 2 liters of water daily, a pledge I've struggled to keep. But now, with 2019 on the horizon, I'm determined to establish this healthy habit. They say habits define us, shaping our daily decisions and actions. Neglecting my water intake in 2018 left me battling pesky pimples. Charles Duhigg, in "The Power of Habit," reveals how habits take hold. Let's break free from destructive habits and embrace positive ones, like exercise, saving money, or simply smiling at others. Here's to a new year of growth and change!

Why I started Mkazipreneur!

Childhood advice about studying hard, finishing university, and landing a secure job is outdated. Today's job landscape is dominated by contracts, not permanence. In my own experience, annual contract renewals became nerve-wracking. Witnessing colleagues lose contracts pushed me to explore entrepreneurship as a safety net. Uganda faces a daunting challenge of youth unemployment, with thousands graduating into a job market offering only a fraction of needed positions. Entrepreneurship is a vital solution, especially for women who face unique hurdles. Mkazipreneur, a platform I created, aims to empower women entrepreneurs with resources, support, and a thriving community. Together, we can uplift each other and drive positive change.