Here are 10 Business Ideas that you can start

Starting a small business can be challenging, but there are many profitable business ideas that can help you succeed. Some of the most profitable businesses include branding cotton t-shirts, catering services, website design, business consulting, courier services, mobile hairdresser services, cleaning services, online tutoring, logo design, and gardening. To promote and grow your business, you can find out who your customers are and where they spend most of their time, show off your products on social media platforms, build an email list, ask for and share reviews and testimonies, offer referral rewards, use paid advertising on social media platforms, get influencers to share their results from your products with their followers, host a class or demo, and have strong keywords throughout your website.

Snacks4U Founder – Aisha Ganda’s Entrepreneurship Journey Is A Tale Of Resilience

Aisha Ganda is the CEO of Snacks4U brand, which offers roasted simsim, pumpkin seeds, soya, hard-corns, and groundnuts. She started her business with chapatis, samosas, and half cakes, which she would supply to school canteens under the business name Aisha's Confectionaries. However, the short shelf life of chapatis and other soggy eats marked the end of the first baptism. Then came Snacks4U. Aisha added roasted simsim, pumpkin seeds, soya, hard-corns, and groundnuts to the merchandise. With the school market ending and requiring more supply, Aisha relied on vigorous marketing and community effort. She would have women from the barracks provide labor while others brought their raw products, and she handled the finishing part.

Meet the Mkazi tailors who championed the mask project

Motiv and Mkazipreneur partnered to make Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) masks for civilians in Uganda to protect themselves against COVID-19 while providing opportunity for tailors. The initiative gave ordinary people like tailors and fashion designers a chance to contribute to the fight against COVID-19. The masks were effective and reusable, and are now being used by hospitals. The project also opened the eyes of many tailors to the fact that they are valuable players and their skills can be useful way beyond garment construction. The initiative also provided financial support to tailors and opened their eyes to small opportunities around them.

Hudah Nassali’s objective is to change the routine of people consuming unhealthy junk beverages that put their lives at risk

The given text is an article about Hudah Nassali, the founder and team leader at Suphianah Investments Ltd, a company that produces tea to optimize good health naturally. The article discusses how Hudah started her business by selling spiced tea to teachers and students while working as an assistant bursar at her father's school. She later founded Suphianah Investments to produce healthier tea options using herbs and spices. The company also created a 3-acre herbs and spices farm in Mpaata to train single mothers on how to grow and harvest herbal tea and spices. The article encourages readers to reach out to Hudah for business collaboration and support.

Now is the time for business owners to embrace e-commerce

The given text discusses the impact of COVID-19 on businesses and e-commerce in Uganda. The country implemented strict lockdown measures, including the closure of non-essential businesses and a ban on public gatherings and transport. However, essential businesses and services, including logistics and supermarkets, continued to operate. Many non-essential business owners turned to online sales and delivery services to survive. Uganda's domestic e-commerce sector has always run on mobile devices and social media platforms, making it easier for businesses to switch to online sales. The article suggests that e-commerce has tremendous potential in Uganda and that businesses should embrace it to overcome the economic downturn caused by the pandemic.

How to keep sane while social distancing

The given text is an article that provides tips on how to keep oneself sane while social distancing. The article acknowledges the challenges of social distancing and provides practical solutions to help readers cope with the situation. The tips include accepting the situation, creating a routine, limiting exposure to news, being active, connecting with friends, setting goals, helping strangers, reading books, learning a new language, enrolling in a course, and getting creative. The article also includes questions that Reese Witherspoon asks herself each day during the quarantine period.

5 books by women you should read this year!

The given text is a book recommendation that includes a list of books by women that are worth reading. The article starts by acknowledging the challenges of the year 2020, which was marked by the COVID-19 pandemic and the Black Lives Matter protests. The article then goes on to recommend books that can help readers grow their reading culture and gain insight, information, knowledge, inspiration, and power. The recommended books include Year of Yes by Shonda Rhimes, What I Know for Sure by Oprah Winfrey, Lean In by Sheryl Sandberg, We Are Going To Need More Wine by Gabrielle Union, and Becoming by Michelle Obama.

10 Tips to ensure you and your business have a successful year

As the New Year approaches, here are 10 essential tips for a successful 2020: 1. **Write Down Your Goals:** Document your goals to clarify your path and stay motivated. 2. **Start Now:** Take the first step, don't wait for perfection; launch at 80%. 3. **Be Passionate:** Infuse your heart into your business; passion fuels success. 4. **Be Consistent:** Embrace daily consistency; incremental progress leads to success. 5. **Choose Your Company Wisely:** Surround yourself with intelligent, supportive individuals. 6. **Read Actively:** Read with intention, broadening your horizons and engaging your subconscious. 7. **Be Resilient:** Roll with the punches, stay creative, and endure tough times. 8. **Add Value:** Your value is what people pay for; strive to become invaluable. 9. **Financial Management:** Understand and manage your finances; don't spend until you're earning. 10. **Create Happiness:** Infuse joy into your daily life; happiness is a state of mind cultivated from within.

From Talent to Business idea #Startnow

We all possess passions and talents that can bring us joy and money. It starts with trying something new, realizing your knack for it, and enjoying it without expecting payment. But when you decide to monetize it, doubts creep in. Will you succeed? How much capital do you need? Do you need an office? Remember, it remains a dream if you don't start. Begin now, even without all the answers. Be creative, patient, and persistent. Learn, seek mentorship, and step out of your comfort zone. Start small, study your market, and use what you have. Focus on offering excellent service, and success will follow, one step at a time.

Why I started Mkazipreneur!

Childhood advice about studying hard, finishing university, and landing a secure job is outdated. Today's job landscape is dominated by contracts, not permanence. In my own experience, annual contract renewals became nerve-wracking. Witnessing colleagues lose contracts pushed me to explore entrepreneurship as a safety net. Uganda faces a daunting challenge of youth unemployment, with thousands graduating into a job market offering only a fraction of needed positions. Entrepreneurship is a vital solution, especially for women who face unique hurdles. Mkazipreneur, a platform I created, aims to empower women entrepreneurs with resources, support, and a thriving community. Together, we can uplift each other and drive positive change.