Our Background

Mkazipreneur is a leading network for women entrepreneurs in Africa, dedicated to promoting and empowering women in entrepreneurship. The platform offers affordable resources, advice, motivation, events, and a supportive community for female small business owners. Mkazipreneur aims to encourage unemployed women to venture into entrepreneurship, create positive change in their communities, and address the challenge of limited job opportunities in the formal sector. Despite facing obstacles such as lack of financial funding, limited access to credit facilities due to property ownership restrictions, institutional inefficiencies, regulatory restrictions, lack of confidence and entrepreneurial drive, socio-cultural restrictions, fear of failure, and lack of training, female entrepreneurs are crucial contributors to economic development. Mkazipreneur seeks to support women entrepreneurs in overcoming these challenges and accessing venture capital. By connecting, celebrating, and empowering women entrepreneurs, Mkazipreneur strives to foster qualitative and quantitative women entrepreneurship in Africa, making a significant impact on economic growth and opportunities for women in the region.

Our Mission

Our mission is to close the gap of the untapped business potential of women businesses by providing them with a community to grow from.

Our Core Values

Team Work: We believe that close-knit relationships motivate us to work harder and be supportive of one another

Innovation: We have to continuously apply better solutions that meet new requirements and existing market needs

Consistency & Commitment: We believe that each day is an open opportunity for mastering skills and furthering goals.

In Action: No matter the situation, we have to get stuff done!

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Our Team

The Advisory Board 2022 - 2025