I am reading my 14th book since this year commenced

Story by Charlotte Ninsiima | Daily Monitor | 29/6/2019

Julie Musoke Nakyeyune has a full-time job as a contracted service-level manager at MTN Uganda. She is also a founder of Mkazipreneur, a social enterprise that connects women entrepreneurs in Africa. She runs three businesses under MStran Group, dealing in liquid soap, hand washing, and dog shampoo. She also runs a wines and spirits shop and offers consultancy services in line with data analysis. Nakyeyune is also the current Country Secretary of Rotaract Uganda and the incoming Deputy District Executive Secretary of Youth of Rotary Uganda. She told Charlotte Ninsiima about how she spends her week.


I wake up at 5 a.m. and read the Bible and a chapter of a book. This month I am reading my 14th book for the year. I then update my to-do list and leave home by 6:15 a.m. I am in the office by 6:40 a.m. and I dedicate all that time to Mkazipreneur, working on content for social media pages since they must be updated. 

I also engage women by asking them if they have planned their to-do lists for the week. At 8:30 a.m., I start official work at MTN. My position requires me to compile key performance indicators (KPIs) for the organization. Different teams have to meet certain KPIs. My role is to measure performance, report, present areas where KPIs are being breached, and offer necessary guidance on service improvement plans.


My Tuesdays are similar to Monday schedules except that during lunch breaks at 12:30 to 2 p.m., I rush to town and supply clients with liquid soap, wines, and spirits. I spare 30 minutes for lunch. If my clients are far, I have a bodaboda man who helps me with deliveries. I spare some time to read a non-fiction book to widen the scope of my knowledge and exposure. Work resumes at 2 p.m. until 5:30 p.m.


Every Wednesday, I attend rotary meetings where I receive reports from 132 Rotaract clubs across Uganda. I attend leadership meetings once a month. I am also an ambassador charged with the responsibility of visiting other clubs and helping teams in running Rotaract clubs. I work with the Rotaract leadership team to make sure our Rotaractors are following the goals set for the year.


I write articles twice a month on my blog. So, I dedicate Thursdays to writing constructive articles considering that I have a busy schedule during the week. I make time to meet friends but we normally have constructive conversations about life and not just spending money in hangouts. I find satisfaction in doing something that adds value to me.


Besides normal routine, Friday is set aside to mentor women in business and to share experiences. I started Mkazipreneur because I met women who were struggling, laid off from work, and stay-at-home mothers with business challenges. Under Mkaziprenuer, we have a program called Mkazi Create, which encourages women to start their own businesses. Before we structure the whole program, I need to first meet them individually and understand their need; ascertain if they have an idea, and place them in the best position possible.


I do laundry and general cleaning. I meet people I work with to make liquid soap, dog shampoo, hand wash, pack it in jerry cans, and store it. This is my side hustle and a backup plan in case I lose my job. I also buy wines and spirits from Kikuubo and resell them to people planning to have weddings, house parties, or events.

I also do consultancy for companies to train their employees on data analysis, proper reporting, and data presentation. In a month I have 2-3 gigs to train employees on various companies on Saturday.


I go for the early morning service at church and prepare meals at home thereafter. It is the only day we have a nice meal during the week with my mother and siblings.

Social life

My leadership positions require me to be knowledgeable about current trends in business. This is why reading is part of my lifestyle. My Rotaract role also necessitates me to know what is happening in other clubs and write comprehensive reports. I also do consultancy work for companies by training employees on data analysis, proper reporting, and data presentation. Most employees do not know how to compile, present, and explain reports. In a month, I may get two gigs to train the company’s employees.