Celebrating SWEDO Innovations Limited: Empowering Women Entrepreneurs

At MkaziPreneur, our primary objective has always been to empower and uplift women entrepreneurs, equipping them with the skills and resources needed to thrive in competitive markets. Over the past four years, our journey alongside SWEDO Innovations Limited has been nothing short of inspiring.


In 2020, SWEDO Innovations Limited embarked on their entrepreneurial journey as part of our program aimed at enhancing the competitiveness of women-led businesses. They were one of the 50 enterprises that joined us, eager to refine their business strategy and establish a solid foundation for growth.

This program was made so that all these many business lights could shine , in their entrepreneurial works and achievements. We have been greatful for the many entrepreneurs who have entrusted us with their journey of growing in business.

The SWEDO  Team


Recognizing the need for continued support beyond the initial phase, we enrolled SWEDO in the NSSF Hi-Innovator program for women cohorts in both 2022 and 2023. This initiative proved instrumental in further developing their business operations, enhancing engagement levels, and fostering cross-learning among peer enterprises.

Looking back at these four transformative years, we are immensely proud of SWEDO's journey. They have not only significantly improved their competitiveness but have also become a shining example of success in their sector. Employing 12 individuals, including 9 women and 75% youth, SWEDO has exemplified how empowering women can directly contribute to reducing social inequality.

Beyond their own success, SWEDO's journey has positively impacted other women-led SMEs in our network. Their achievements stand as a testament to what can be accomplished through dedication, innovation, and a commitment to empowerment.

As we celebrate SWEDO Innovations Limited, we reaffirm our commitment to supporting women entrepreneurs who are driving positive change in their communities and beyond. Their story is a reminder of the transformative power of entrepreneurship and the immense potential that lies within every woman-led initiative.

Join us in applauding SWEDO Innovations Limited for their outstanding achievements and for inspiring others on their entrepreneurial journey.

SWEDO Eco- Friendly stove; Good for the environment

To learn more on SWEDO and its achievements go tohttps://swedouganda.org/

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