Our Activities


Many women have the ideas and desire to venture into part time or full time entrepreneurship. However, some don’t have the confidence to start and some don’t have the resources and right mentorship to guide them. Through our Mkazipreneur program #startnow, women who aspire to start businesses are matched with women entrepreneurs in the similar field. Step by step guidance and mentorship is given until the idea comes to life


Through our social media platforms, website, interactions and showcasing events, Mkazipreneur provides a platform for women entrepreneurs to connect, engage and share ideas. Every quarter, there is an event that brings women entrepreneurs together. This activity is pioneered through partnerships and showcasing platforms with companies and organizations


Empowerment to women entrepreneurs is done through social media platforms, mentorship programs, master classes, workshop and events. It is also done through media, radio and TV stations


Mkazipreneur recognizes and celebrates outstanding women entrepreneurs across Africa. This is done across social media platforms, awarding events, recognitions, articles and blogs