From Talent to Business idea #Startnow

We all have something we love. Something we execute effortlessly. We have passions. We have talents. And we want to make money. Oh! The pleasure we get, earning from something we love that doesn’t feel like work.

It all begins with trying something new. You discover your ability to do it better than everyone else. You get excited. You keep doing it for fun. For free. Then you make a decision to place a tax on your services. This time, the not so pretty thoughts of executing your idea creep in.  You begin to doubt yourself. Will i get customers? What if I make loses? How much capital do I need? Do I need an office or will I work from home? And so on…

You have to remember that it only remains a dream if you don’t start. Start now. You don’t need to have everything figured out at once. The finances and hurdles of penetrating a highly concentrated market shouldn’t discourage you. Look out for something different that will make your product or service to stand out from other service providers. You need creativity, uniqueness, patience and perseverance to emerge at the top. Keep pushing forward. Keep learning. Get mentorship. Get out of your comfort zone and start.

Take one step at a time. Study your target market. Start small.  Don’t jump in with both feet. Test the waters first. Use what you have to cut costs. Most importantly, offer a service. Satisfy your customers and everything else will fall into place.