Our Background

Mkazipreneur is a leading network for women entrepreneurs in Africa.

Mkazipreneur is a community platform that was started to promote qualitative and quantitative women entrepreneurship through connecting, celebrating and empowering women entrepreneurs in Africa.

Mkazipreneur provides a platform for Female small business owners; offering affordable resources, advice, motivation, events and a supportive community to lean on.
This platform also encourages unemployed women to venture into entrepreneurship and to create positive change in the community.
Across Africa some 11 million youth enter the labor market every year, according to the World Bank, and there just aren’t enough jobs in the formal sector to match that growth. Most resort to vulnerable employment, small-scale, formal and informal entrepreneurship.

In a sector that was previously dominated by men, female entrepreneurs are still finding it difficult to venture into business.

According to the Index, one of the main challenges that continue to prevent women from starting businesses is lack of financial funding or venture capital. Since women in many African communities are still not allowed to own property, they encounter numerous hurdles when trying to access credit facilities from financial institutions mainly because they have nothing to offer as collateral.

Other major challenges include institution inefficiencies and regulatory restrictions, lack of confidence and entrepreneurial drive, socio-cultural restrictions, fear of failure, and lack of training.

Entrepreneurship serves as a good contributor to economic development of the country. It is one of the largest sections for capital accumulation. The fact is women start businesses at two times the rate of men. While women are starting more businesses than men, they find it harder at the outset to grow their businesses and access venture capital. 

Mkazipreneur wants to address this challenge